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Just Enough by Eddie Flotte
Just Enough by Eddie Flotte

Just Enough

Happily sheltered inside the barn, I avoid a passing shower. I open my kit not sure if I really have something inspirational before me. I start all the same because I know from experience, that I never know for sure until I do. After a spell and to my surprise some of Karl's art students begin to arrive. I have just enough on the board to give them something to see. I am blocking in shapes quickly, ...believing in my ability to compose by instinct, flying by the seat of my pants. The scene takes shape quickly and I go on with a bit of detail. ...again just enough. ...little rewards to the viewer who has let their interest follow the movement of the painting. Karl arrives as I am bringing things to a close. He's always got something encouraging to share. He and his students take their places as I am packing up to leave. When I started, I wasn't sure there'd be time to accomplish much. But there was, ... just enough.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 5 by 16 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

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