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Crystal Lace by Eddie Flotte
Crystal Lace by Eddie Flotte

Crystal Lace

Such a favorite of mine. Getting to Kuerner's early in the morning just after a night of snowfall has been some of the most rewarding things of my artist life. It is the definition of serenity. Subjects pop out in ways they had gone unseen on summer days. My own tire tracks show me coming up the drive to make the loop around the woodshed above to come back down and stop. Only Karl-III will be coming today to feed his animals. I look forward to his arrival. It is always nice to share my morning's progress with him. If I am lucky he'll invite me by to see his most recent work. Looking down on the springhouse past the barn is one I've done before. Today with the newly fallen snow it is a wonderland.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10.5 by 15 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

All images are signed by the artist.
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