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From Kuerner's Hill by Eddie Flotte
From Kuerner's Hill by Eddie Flotte

From Kuerner's Hill

At approximately 4:30 one summer afternoon while the sun was quickly setting I sat down to paint this. Like so many other times, it was as I was leaving Chadds Ford after a visit and made one last stop. I can promise you It was pitch dark when I finally quit working, Nearly eight o'clock. That was only because Mr. Kuerner stepped up silently behind me, as he often did, and scared the heck out of me by snapping a twig or something. As always when he appears I stop what I am doing and take that opportunity to talk with him. He is many things, all beautiful and I enjoy his friendship more than I can measure. I can't deny that I am pinching myself at the same time I am visiting him because I am always so secretly star struck in his presence.

We said good night and I drove back to Montgomery County to what I call my mainland home. Only when I got there was I able to look over what I had gotten down during that evening's effort. I worked on it another hour in my studio and this is the finish piece. Happily it captures so much of the Kuerner's farm check list. I often use this image while I am giving a virtual tour to people who are looking over my Kuerner works.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 15.5 by 9.5 inches
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