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Something For Susan by Eddie Flotte
Something For Susan by Eddie Flotte

Something For Susan

In The early eighties I lived on South Street in Philadelphia, an area that was home to a cluster of artists who lived hand to mouth while finding their way through the mysterious maze of surviving, growing and succeeding. 25 years later while digging through things I had left in storage when I moved to Maui, I found a copy of an IOU I'd written to a friend and artist I'd known back then. Susan. Only then did I remember the day she had given me money in exchange for a painting I would do for her someday. It turns out that Susan and her husband Kevin (also a South Street artist and friend) contacted me years later after the advent of social media. My first words to them were to mention the IOU and promise of the painting. They returned from Florida and moved to Chadds Ford. My first trip to visit them there, I went early the next morning to paint this. Something for Susan.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 7.5 by 15.5 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

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