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Frozen In My Mind by Eddie Flotte
Frozen In My Mind by Eddie Flotte

Frozen In My Mind

The Morning I met Andrew Wyeth he told me that in freezing weather he sits on the hood of his running car to keep himself, his tools and paints warm. He drove a four wheel drive range rover and felt completely at home to drive up onto any piece of Chadds Ford hillside he so desired. I just feel fortunate to be allowed to park around behind Kuerner's wood shed and walk up onto this spirited piece of heaven. Being separated from my vehicle makes painting in the freezing cold very challenging and painful. The paint and paper are frozen. It becomes more like smearing colored ice with painfully frozen fingers. I still love to do it. The snowy country side is the ideal subject for a watercolor painting. White space against crisp darks put the spark into any watercolor.

I love this spot because it always brings to mind Wyeth's paint of Helga in Loden Coat. It comes to life in a special way when ever it snows and I am happy when I am near by and am sure to get there early.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 8 by 15.5 inches
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