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I Love Chestnut Hill by Eddie Flotte
I Love Chestnut Hill by Eddie Flotte

I Love Chestnut Hill

Also Called El Quetzal. The gingerbread shingles, dappled light, and fairytale sycamores in this part of Chestnut Hill are to quaint to measure. This is not the kind of place I usually want to paint. I like seeing the beauty in places that maybe others don't see. But here in Chestnut Hill it is ridiculous. None of it is contrived; it just happens to be darling. The people who live here know it and do what they can to keep it a thriving place, to live or have a business. I really painted this because it was close to my gallery and I could easily direct people in to see more work. As it is, it came out beautifully and is a very popular print. The Gicle'e print is perfect and looks exactly like the original.
— Eddie Flotte


13 by 15 inches
Giclee Limited Edition of 100
$275.00 plus shipping

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