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Garden Gate Antiques by Eddie Flotte
Garden Gate Antiques by Eddie Flotte

Garden Gate Antiques

I was actually parked here off of Germantown Avenue on Hartwell while I was working on another painting on the avenue. Overtime I would return to the van to get something I would turn to see this scene and realize how beautifully laid out it was and how cool the painting would be, so I started this immediately after finishing the other. This turned out to be one of my favorites in Chestnut Hill. I particularly like the windows; what can be seen inside, in the reflections and through them.

The Gicle'e print I made of it is beautiful, like all of the Gicle'es in the Chestnut Hill series.

— Eddie Flotte


13 by 13 inches
Giclee Limited Edition of 100
$275.00 plus shipping

All images are signed by the artist.
Some images available upon request
as Giclee prints.
Sizes and prices vary.