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The Ghosts of George Kairos by Eddie Flotte
The Ghosts of George Kairos by Eddie Flotte

The Ghosts of George Kairos

George is the Gate keeper at Grassy Sound. His files are filled with names and faces, souls who are his tenants and his charge through time. This waterfront is his to guard as dictated by the angels of penance. He is a sorcerer with a tremendous debt to pay. He pays it with his propriety. There is darkness and there is light. George is a now a guardian of light. Stewart Black dabbled in the dark arts. He now lives out his days as a black cat, his powers bound. The activities at Grassy rally in the light since the day of his incarceration. In recent years a massive storm raged toward shore; residents here looked to George. If anyone could influence the weather, it would be him. This was a battle he lost. He carries the heartbreak of that lost contest with him still. His work is hard and taxing. He has grown weary. As a new arrival he smiled on me. He saw me work and found joy in it. He calls me into his house and shares what he has from his skillet and his skills. I have made him smile. His twilight eyes out shine the moon.
— Eddie Flotte


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