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The Crick The Bridge And The Bungalow by Eddie Flotte
The Crick The Bridge And The Bungalow by Eddie Flotte

The Crick The Bridge And The Bungalow

Jimmy Hern lives on the far side of Grassy. His magic, which is abundant, lies in his personality. He is a good hearted and well intentioned charmer who can open any door with a smile. His house is the tall one seen here in the rear. He pays every toll with the sparkle in his eyes. Jimmy brought Kirlin here long ago. They met at a secret, meeting of the Mummers, in a basement deep in the heart of South Philadelphia. Kirlin agreed to ride with Jimmy on bicycles from Cape May to Atlantic City the following weekend. Starting in Cape May and drawn by a beacon of enchantment, they followed the call to the magic of Grassy. That is as far as they rode. Jimmy smiled his way into all of it. Soon they were spending free time here. The outlaw cowboys from Chaddsford got on board with their collective eternity of skills. Soon they were the young knights of Grassy Sound. That was a long time ago. These days, Jimmy rarely makes a showing. When I see a light flicker at his house, I check through binoculars to be sure it is him. In long sleeves and hood, I make my way to his side of the marsh. I am dressed for protection against the green flies that turn away unwelcome visitors. An hour of Jimmy's company fills my soul and livens my spirit once again. He never stays very long. He is free to come and go as he pleases.
— Eddie Flotte


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