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Standing Guard by Eddie Flotte
Standing Guard by Eddie Flotte

Standing Guard

Kirlin brought me down to the Beeler house. Gulls stood guard as I walked the narrow plank to the doorway of my stewardship at Grassy Sound. The paint inside hung in ragged sheets. The warped, sand covered, wooden floors met stained baseboards and walls that explained how far the tide had risen during a recent storm. It looks rough he said but clean it up and make yourself at home. My eyes landed on a blackboard scribbled with words I was unable to read. They were written in Greek, maybe Latin. At the bottom, I could read, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, ... words from Revelations. On the shelves, leather bound books with cryptically symboled covers about immortality and rebirth, collected dust. A headless, naked woman carved of wood, stood in a corner with hands roped and tied. This was my first day at Grassy. I had been raised on superstition, ...black cats and broken mirrors, hexes, spells and rituals. This new induction into that eerie realm left me uneasy. I felt surrounded by voodoo. I was compelled by some lifelong love of the unknown to stay and become richer by the experience.
— Eddie Flotte


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