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Sleeping Still by Eddie Flotte
Sleeping Still by Eddie Flotte

Sleeping Still

Late one summer night during the hours that normally find me fast asleep, I sat awake out on my deck staring into the sky trying again to understand infinity. A flicker of light glowing in the window of this tiny bungalow across the sound suddenly caught my eye. Until then, I'd never noticed any sign of life coming or going from this particular dwelling. Through binoculars I watched the candle like light move about the house, upstairs and down. As dawn approached, the light became harder to see. I grabbed my chair and tools and made my way toward the far side. My perfect cover as resident artist, put me in place to get a closer look. By morning however no further sign of life was visible. The bungalow itself seemed to pulse with life. I checked again and again as my days went on but never again did I see as much as a flicker.
— Eddie Flotte


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