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Seagulls at Sunrise by Eddie Flotte
Seagulls at Sunrise by Eddie Flotte

Seagulls at Sunrise

My home, The Beeler House. I am convinced there is no dwelling on earth more beautifully placed than this. In life, I was never one for the remote hide-away. I preferred the edges of town, lots of distractions. Here I am at peace, in spite of the many chores. I wash my clothes in a bucket and hang them from the line. Water is carried in from the tap far up the boardwalk. The Sound is abundant with edible delicacies which must be harvested, cleaned and prepared. Dwellings for which I am responsible are to be opened in the sun and closed tight in the rain. The sand blows day and night to coat every surface, making sweeping a perpetual necessity. I am a painter. I have sworn my life to it and kept my oath. I rise before dawn and have paint to paper before the sun. My humble home is lined with with my efforts, many awaiting a finishing touch. On the weekend Kirlin arrives, bringing with him the pleasure of his company and a wish list of work we will tackle. Other than Kirlin, visitors to my end of the walk are very rare. Years ago the Girls lived here. The back shed was their's, decorated in the ornate trappings of Eastern European Witchcraft. Traces of their stay here remain. The sheds now are home to Kirlin's ever growing collection of tools.
— Eddie Flotte


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