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Out From the Inner Circle by Eddie Flotte
Out From the Inner Circle by Eddie Flotte

Out From the Inner Circle

Chain hoists and come-alongs, chain saws and chisels, a nearly countless clutter of lag bolts and shackles, washers, wishes and wires, angles, axes, jig saws and jacks. Everything has it's place and every miss-placed thing is wrongly placed in it. Beneath the house, Kirlin, knee deep in black mud, arms in mid lift, calls up to me for a now needed tool. My comically bad vision slowly adjusts to the sudden change from light to darkness. A miniature burst of ecstasy flashes through me when by chance, there it is, the needed tool. I race it back and pass it through the missing deck planks to Kirlin below. The Girls from Eastern Europe will always hold first place, for their haunting laughter alone, but I strive to be the second best helper Kirlin has ever had. I love this work. I anxiously wait for each new project to begin. These are precisely the things I'd have done with my life, had I not been born a painter. To me, Kirlin's methods are ingenious and my own self-acknowledged box of engineering genius has simmered untapped all my life. It is my penance, I know, to live out my time in Limbo as Kirlin's helper, but for what ever good thing I may have done in life, or which ever prayers have been prayed on my behalf, God has allowed my time here to be filled with joy and learning.
— Eddie Flotte


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