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Number Nineteen by Eddie Flotte
Number Nineteen by Eddie Flotte

Number Nineteen

I started to paint here, my first early morning at Grassy Sound. I had absolutely no idea as to the journey I'd begun. Walking up the long forbidden road a voice spoke to me. It told me, the people I was about to meet were much more interesting than whatever it was I was about to paint. 'Just start anywhere.' When Kirlin stepped up beside me, as if from thin air, he said, "I don't know how you knew, but you picked the perfect house." The owner of Number Nineteen, a dear friend to Kirlin, is a special man. As a young child he provided shinners to the fisherman for 10 cents a dozen. He knew the waterways blindfolded and has an internal map of the best cricks and pockets to crab, clam, and fish. When Kirlin took up residence here it was he who shared his skills, tools, water and encouragement. Kirlin is eternally grateful. ...as am I by extension. This man can see both sides of the veil, he has since he was an innocent and open-hearted child. For a mortal man, he has virtually no interest in the bling of the outside world. He lives here in Number Nineteen quite aware that he is rich beyond measure. He feeds himself effortlessly on the abundance of nature and the friendship of those who dwell in the mystic.
— Eddie Flotte


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