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Lookout Gulls by Eddie Flotte
Lookout Gulls by Eddie Flotte

Lookout Gulls

Black headed Gulls, my favorite of all birds, keep watch over boats as they come and go. At regular intervals they cry out a message to gulls waiting further up the water's edge. A red winged black bird trapped inside, has given up the fight. His weightless remains laid hidden for years. The girls from Croatia lived here long ago, changing the flavor of everything. The outlaws from the cowboy house drew life from their generous and gentle friendship. These days the stories echo still. The boys were happy then and visited regularly to lend a hand and swim in the melody of their Eastern European song. Sweeping the tool shed I discovered the black bird; I flipped his beautiful bones and feathered shell into the marsh. It was mysteriously returned . Several times I tried only to again have it returned. Finally I accepted the obvious. The bird must be part of some on going sorcery, important to the girls and their lasting effects on the ones they had grown to love. I gently placed the lifeless creature back where I found it and went about my business.
— Eddie Flotte


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