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Like He Stepped From the Sky by Eddie Flotte
Like He Stepped From the Sky by Eddie Flotte

Like He Stepped From the Sky

It was my first morning at Grassy Sound. The sun was barely above the horizon. I'd been working franticly to get something on paper, trying to prove myself to whomever showed up first. "Oh! Thank God! You're an artist. I was afraid you were a building inspector." Like he had stepped from the sky, Kirlin appeared beside me. His bright and genuine smile shined from his dark silhouette against the morning glow. In no time, I was in his bungalow sipping his cowboy coffee and trading stories. I could not have guessed the depth of my new friend or the lengths he would go to better my stay here. He brought me to the Beeler house, of which he is now in charge. Over time I've learned that everything he does to the house, he does in the ways he thinks Beeler would prefer. "Stay here if you like," he offered, "as long as you keep painting us, consider this home."
— Eddie Flotte


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