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Immortality by Eddie Flotte
Immortality by Eddie Flotte


Beeler knew me. He'd seen me working at Shell Pile. He watched me endure the swarming gnats and green flies while continuing to paint. He watched while I drove my SUV violently into the broad side of a delivery truck as I ran an unseen stop on a rain covered road. He watched as the angel pulled me from the wreck and he whispered in Destiny's ear as she delivered my bones to the Gateway of Dreams carried in heaven's ambulance, and he watched as she re-ignited my consciousness. He knew my cousin Phoebe. They'd met years ago when she came to Grassy with a so called friend. Beeler remembered my father and grandfather from days long ago crabbing in the waters that roll past his bayside door. The blackboard is scribbled with cryptic gibberish and witchy symblols. BEHOLD A PALE HORSE are the only legible words. They are written across the base of the blackboard. This is Beeler's home. These are his books, dishes, pots, pans and pillows. This is the day he chose to make contact, to telepathically introduce himself. I began to realize it was actually Beeler who knew my situation and arranged my accommodations.
— Eddie Flotte


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