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Gateway of Dreams by Eddie Flotte
Gateway of Dreams by Eddie Flotte

Gateway of Dreams

In a flash, immeasurably quick, shadowy figures dart across the board walk at Grassy Sound. Each time I lift my head and adjust my eyes, I see them scatter, as if to keep their existence hidden: ghosts, angels, immortals and witches, Limbo bound souls living out their earthly hours. They gravitate to Grassy. Even before native tribes of Lenape inhabited these swampy meadows, Grassy was a place of spirits and spells. Even I remain invisible to many of my neighbors. Each time I venture their way, I hope to catch a nod of neighborly recognition, instead they look through me like I don't exist or vanish in a shadowy streak as I make my approach. I long for a friendly encounter, a new set of eyes to appreciate my recent painting, someone to simply remind me the day of the week or where we stand in the countdown to seasons end. Here you learn to know your self, to keep your own company. Only George, Kirlin, Jimmy Hern and Thelma answer when I call and they too, often prefer their solitude. In each of their ways, they have helped me to acclimate and aided me immeasurably in the manifesting of things I need.
— Eddie Flotte


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