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Foggy Morning Solitude by Eddie Flotte
Foggy Morning Solitude by Eddie Flotte

Foggy Morning Solitude

Kirlin is anything but simple. He is in fact all things: forward, backward, left and right, rugged and sophisticated, he soars on a magic carpet and stands literally rooted to his knees in the mud. His intellect, ingenuity and imagination have no limit, yet the largest part of all his mortal needs are contained in this tiny bungalow. Kirlin is my host here and at times he seems like my handler, ...teaching me things life had never afforded me the time to learn, in spite of my keen interest in them. He is fluent in politics and law. He will turn any structure, no matter how well built, into a fort in a matter of days, ...because he is, most of all, a child at heart. After a long week in the city, tangled in the strings of some political initiative, guiding it to higher ground, he escapes here to spend a lazy morning, reading about the 33rd president or studying the latest observations in human behavior. The remainder of his restful weekend will be spent tucked under his house driving 10 foot pilings into the mud by hand. It is my pleasure to be on hand as his top-side help, to fetch what ever tool he needs or on occasion get into the mud below to help with some added push. His methods and tools are jaw dropping in there simplicity and brilliance.
— Eddie Flotte


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