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Black Cat at Secret by Eddie Flotte
Black Cat at Secret by Eddie Flotte

Black Cat at Secret

For a long while, I kept Grassy Sound a secret. It is an oasis of serenity and spirits. I had hoped to protect it, rather than advertise it to the curious world outside. Now I see, it is a rare soul who could tolerate the green flies and gnats that swarm the unwelcome visitor. Rare is the trespasser who could stand tall against the cold glare cast by the residents who are defending there need for privacy. During the freezing, windy, bitter days of March, only I, a select few gulls, egrets and a single black cat populated the waterfront. George appeared occasionally from nowhere and warmed me with his smile, his company and his propane heater. He'd disappear into his house and do what ever it is he does there. In my vivid imagination, I could see him conjuring the chess pieces of local politics, keeping the inspectors and developers at bay. As rumor tells it, it is George's will that keeps the vultures away. He can change the course of local decision making by the strength of his vision. .. or so the story goes.
— Eddie Flotte


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