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A List of Wishes by Eddie Flotte
A List of Wishes by Eddie Flotte

A List of Wishes

As George looks over his collection of wealth he remembers better days, when he had the vigor to tackle each new chore the weather dealt. His marina grew and prospered. His ten boats and ten buildings all were rented out regularly each summer. The storms arrived again and again. Hurricanes! His will to battle back gradually softened and now he heads to work for therapy, as a way to keep himself moving and busy. His daily chores allow him to clear his mind for his larger burden, the care taking of his spirit-tenants ...Still he holds onto the hope and promises that one day all of it will be fixed. He tells me again that he is a fixer and he will fix this too. To me, George is Mr. Big. Nothing passes the Gateway of Dreams without his nod.
— Eddie Flotte


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