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A Bridge Beyond by Eddie Flotte
A Bridge Beyond by Eddie Flotte

A Bridge Beyond

From Kirlin's window on a freezing day in mid March, I worked quickly to catch the feeling across the winter meadow and reflected in the crick during the rising tide. This scene is quite far off, the far side of Grassy, Jimmy Kern's domain. To get there is a long walk down an evergreen canopied, gravel road. In warmer weather the road swarms with vicious green flies and is nearly impassable on foot. The board walk which once connected him to us, washed out many years ago and I assume that is the way they want to keep it, as a way to put off unwelcome visitors. In the distance is the toll bridge. The emotional toll crossing from Grassy to the cluttered world beyond is a toll that grew harder and harder to pay and before long I stopped leaving altogether.
— Eddie Flotte


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