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Kairos by Eddie Flotte
Kairos by Eddie Flotte


Kairos is an ancient greek word that mean roughly "the fortunate moment" in the biggest sense possible. I named this painting that because ...as I was rushing to finish it. The pending storm coming at me from across the bay arrived, very abruptly with a crash of lightning,thunder and pouring rain. I threw my tools and this painting into the back of my SUV and drove off into a section of town that might not see 20 cars a day. I was a bit delirious from an intense morning of painting. I mistook the road I was on and drove blindly across an intersection that would rarely see another car. This time though, I drove head on into the axel of a large, passing Dietz and Watson delivery truck. I was lucky to live through it and to have not hurt anyone else. The sudden loss of my SUV and the events that followed dramatically changed my destiny for the better. So it seems, the storm hit at the fortunate moment. My spare tire skidded across the newly painted sky, leaving dark gouges. I camouflaged the marks with lots of gulls and I think it added something that had been missing.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 by 13 inches
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