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Bamboo Studio by Eddie Flotte
Bamboo Studio by Eddie Flotte

Bamboo Studio

Someone found a little unclaimed corner, ...out behind the pottery barns. A makeshift work table, a broken stool - reinforced with string. Perfect faces fashioned in clay to look Polynesian. Pretty torsos with Wavy Hawaiian hair. Some pieces sold, some were left behind and up for grabs. To much to carry when the whistle blows. The artist has returned to wench they came, Brazil, Hamburg, Spetses, Sequim, Cleveland? Who knows? Who can keep track? The artists come and go. They take the island by storm. In like lions and out like lambs. I can relate. Clear the cobwebs, put on a little bug spray, trim a bit of bamboo and the place is yours. A year, maybe two, maybe never but most times this place calls us back, For another burst of our wonderful new tricks, excited to see old friends and re-experience the tropics. Soon, it's like you never left. You're old hat and out of shtick, ...it's time to go again in search of a new admirers.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 by 15 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

All images are signed by the artist.
Some images available upon request
as Giclee prints.
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