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Coming Up Kuerner's Drive by Eddie Flotte
Coming Up Kuerner's Drive by Eddie Flotte

Coming Up Kuerner's Drive

When you drive around the back hills of Chadds Ford, you will find yourself in a maze of tree covered roads that seemed specially designed to keep anyone from finding a short cut from one major highway to the another. During the time you are lost in the beautiful rolling hills of that area, you will pass some of the most magnificant farms and ranches you could ever imagine. Kuerner's is really not one of them. Kuerner's is like a relic. It radiates the spirit of the people that have struggled to make a life from it. It has it's own special heart beat. If I were in Chadds Ford for the rest of my life, I'm sure I would continue to regularly drive past all of the majestic, picturesque, well manicured post card farms in the area, never thinking to stop, on my way to find another way to say what it is I feel about Kuerner's.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 x 14 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

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