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Mr Kuerner The Day The Earth Shook by Eddie Flotte
Mr Kuerner The Day The Earth Shook by Eddie Flotte

Mr Kuerner The Day The Earth Shook

On October 19th 1945 N.C. Wyeth and his grandson were killed when their car stalled on tracks that cross through Kuerners farm. N.C. was probably one of the most colorful people in Chadds Ford at the time. He was legendary in the world of book illustration. All of his children, including Andrew, excelled in their own way in the arts and sciences.

On that day, Mr. Kuerner, still a young man, was on a far corner of the farm when he heard the crash. He was with his crew of German war prisoners, who the Kuerners hosted and used to help with work around their farm. He says the earth shook. Thinking it was a car accident somewhere out on route 1, they took there time getting back. When he got close enough to see the train and car strewn all over, along with a gathering of officials, he decided to keep back with the prisoners ...not knowing how they would be treated. This is one of the many stories he told me while I was working with him to get a portrait.

— Eddie Flotte


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