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Coming Up To Kuerner's House by Eddie Flotte
Coming Up To Kuerner's House by Eddie Flotte

Coming Up To Kuerner's House

For years after my first trip to Kuerner's farm in 1989, I felt like that magical time had passed for me. I got to meet the Kuerners and spend a bit of time on their beauitiful farm. That was amazing but that was that. Now when I look over these paintings from my visit in 2012, I feel so differently. I savored my time there and studied it with devotion and passion, ...now I feel like I am still there in my mind. I could walk this place blind folded, no question. The Kuerners are dear to me. I may not be to them ...a lot of people come and go, but I love them. Is there a word for when someone is always perfectly apropriately behaved. That is Mr. Kuerner. ...kind but not a push over, strong but gentle, polite but firm, colorful but never off color. I've been trying to find the word. He's perfect.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10. x 9 inches
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