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Mr Kuerner Remembers Andrew Wyeth by Eddie Flotte
Mr Kuerner Remembers Andrew Wyeth by Eddie Flotte

Mr Kuerner Remembers Andrew Wyeth

After a few weeks painting on Kuerner's farm, I let Mr. Kuerner know that I'd like to do his portrait. Two days later he stopped me and said that he could sit for an hour the following day, that we'd work in the wood shed, and how that is where Andy had painted him and sold that painting to the Japanese the next day for considerable money. He said to get him a case of Yingling light beer, room temperature. I asked what Andy gave him and he aswered a case of beer. This was that first portrait we did. I was very nervous and he did not hold still for a continuous second. I like the way this came out. The background is the wood shed. We did a few others, he mentioned he also liked Sprite, lemon filled doughnuts and roastbeef hoagies so each time we worked I'd deliver one of his favorites to his house to show my appreciation. He knew I was fascinated with Wyeth so he related stories about him while we worked, as well and many other colorful things that went on around the farm and Chadds Ford over the years.
— Eddie Flotte


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