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Mr Kuerner At The Barn by Eddie Flotte
Mr Kuerner At The Barn by Eddie Flotte

Mr Kuerner At The Barn

All of my Portraits of Mr. Kuerner look different yet they all do look like him. At least to me they do. He has very distinct features. His blue eyes, big ears, the few wiskers he always missed while shaving, his sun scarred cheeks, for example, all make him fun to draw. The stories he told me while we worked were the most fun of all. The artist Andrew Wyeth was his life long friend. Andrew probably spent more time on Kuerner's farm than he did almost anywhere else. He painted many portraits of Mr. Kuerner. Yet Mr. Kuerner always referred to him as Andy Wyatt. I couldn't tell if he was putting me on or not. It tickled me more than I can tell you.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 12 x 15.5 inches
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