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Old Route 100 by Eddie Flotte
Old Route 100 by Eddie Flotte

Old Route 100

This is the very first painting I did in Chadds Ford. It was done in 1989. It is just across old route 100 from Hank's Place, the local diner, where everyone from town visits regularly. I still had not found Kuerner's Farm, ...the people at the museum would not tell me where it was. So, I found a spot I would enjoy painting and tried to make myself as visible as possible and began working . Eventually one evening after work, I was at the counter at Hank's when a woman spoke up to see what I'd been working on. Her name was Joannie Haratoonian. She had come to the area years before attracted by the wonder of art that had sprouted up in this remote country town. By now she knew everyone and was eager to see me get what I had come there for. She took me to Kuerner's and introduced me to Mrs. Anna Kuerner and to her son Karl Jr.. He permitted me to paint while I was there and soon I met his son Karl Kuerner III. Karl III is a renowned painter, he invited me to his house on the top of Kuerner hill to see his paintings. From the top of that hill I did another painting called Kuerner's Hill Top. During the summer of 2012 I went back for my most extensive trip to Chadds ford and Kuerner's. I stayed and worked there on the farm with permission from the family for 3 months. I did over 50 paintings which create a very in depth look at the land, the house, the barn, the people and more.
— Eddie Flotte


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