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Kuerner's House by Eddie Flotte
Kuerner's House by Eddie Flotte

Kuerner's House

In 1994, I went to visit Chadd's Ford and Kuerner's farm for the first time. That year A friend of the Kuerner family invited me with her to visit them . I met Anna Kuerner, her son Karl Jr. and his son Karl III. They allowed me sit and do a few paintings from inside the farm property. That was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. I was in love with the notion of this place through the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. Many times, in the years that followed, I would drive down to Chadds Ford when ever I got home to Pa.. I would then sit out on ring road and paint what I could see from where ever I could find a vantage point, safe from the ever growing road traffic. That is how I painted this and a few of the scenes in this section. Finally in 2012 I was huddled out on the road trying to find a new angle to paint, when I was approach by Mr. Karl Kuerner Jr. at that time 85 years old. He invited me in off the road to get a closer look. One thing lead to another and I was able to stay for 3 months and paint from all over the property, including many portraits of Mr. Kuerner.
— Eddie Flotte


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