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Bill at Hank's Place by Eddie Flotte
Bill at Hank's Place by Eddie Flotte

Bill at Hank's Place

His name was Bill. By mistake I originally titled this painting Carl at Hank's Place. That was my best recollection.

Whenever I go to Chadd's Ford to paint and visit the Brandywine museum, I stop at Hank's Place. I eat all of my meals there. On my recent visit in 2012 I realized my mistake. Bill used to always be there cooking. I loved to watch him work because he always had so many orders on the grill at the same time. He was working the morning I met Andrew Wyeth.

One day I sat and drew him secretly while he worked... a waitress there said I shouldn't let him catch me drawing him. He wouldn't like it. I went outback and put some color on it. When I brought it back in, she said I should show him. He smiled a huge smile and didn't say much.

— Eddie Flotte


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