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Boiler Plant by Eddie Flotte
Boiler Plant by Eddie Flotte

Boiler Plant

This scene is just around the corner from the street where I grew up. Like everything I painted in Ambler, this image sparks so many memories and feelings. It is a scene I passed countless times during my life. I doubt I ever passed by that I didn't want to go in and explore. I would have loved to be allowed to wander freely through this place. I would have liked to live in there. I did explore when I could but it was private property and I would get shewed away. I cut through in a dart many times as a short-cut to and across the asbestos dumps to the Wissahickon Crick.

After I painted a scene called Boiler and Erection Plant, another section of this factory, I walked in to see if I could sell some prints. It was very strange to see people working in the office and men welding in the plant, who all stopped to politely talk with me. It was just normal in there, not the portal to something strange and mysterious as I had imagined. No one wanted a print. which didn't surprise me at all. Though I did think they were beautiful.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10.5 x 10.5 inches
Open Edition Print
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