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Big Cat Sighting by Eddie Flotte
Big Cat Sighting by Eddie Flotte

Big Cat Sighting

A few years ago there were many reports in upcountry Maui of big cat sightings. People were seeing a mountain lion or cougar or something. Also hearing it growling at night and seeing signs of it. There aren't supposed to be any on Maui. The stories were covered many times in the Maui news. I had one myself. I saw a huge cat way across the gulch and I pointed it out to a friend who was with me. In a very excited way ... because it looked exactly like the mountain lion I'd seen in Rin Tin Tin, Lassy, the lone ranger... you name it, it was the same cat. My friend said "well it's too far away to say for sure." I said exactly! I would never notice a cat on the opposite side of a huge gulch. My eye sight isn't that good. If I did I wouldn't care. It wasn't just the size. It was more the shape, color and movement that made me think mountain lion. This was before I'd heard any of the reports. Anyway, after there were a bunch of reports made and everyone had heard the stories, I entered this painting into the ART MAUI exhibit. I had all of the Big Cat news paper clippings decoupaged onto the frame. It recieved a lot of attention including a snarky comment from the writer who covered the show asking the question was it art or craft. The answer is both and either way it's always nice to make the paper.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 14 x 10.5 inches
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