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Bench at Seabury Hall by Eddie Flotte
Bench at Seabury Hall by Eddie Flotte

Bench at Seabury Hall

Seabury Hall is a private school about a mile up the road. It is about as beautiful a highschool campus as I could imagine. Every year they have a crafts fair there which raises money for different things. It features an assortment live bands that play all day long to a hillside full of Woodstock-like dancing, home made baked goods and a long waterslide which is made of the worlds biggest sheet of plastic attatched to a long hillside with studets hosing it and squirting dish soap onto it all day for slipperyness. Acrobatic kids spend the entire day making up new ways to flail themselves into the air while flying down in their swim suits. My former band Hot Apple Pie played there one year and the silent auction always sells a few of our prints. I was part of a group show there one year for which i did a few paintings on campus. This is one.

I have been known to do some of my own woodstock-like dancing there in past years.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 x 10 inches
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