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Taken Away by Eddie Flotte
Taken Away by Eddie Flotte

Taken Away

The overgrown evergreen probably did have to go. After all it had nearly obscured all of the front of Kuerner's farmhouse. All of the major paintings Andy had done such as "Brown Swiss" were from a time long ago, before the tree or at least before it had grown so out of control. For me, having painted this tree and this frontal view many, many times, It's absence came as a surprise. It even bombarded me with a dose of sadness. But, we adjust I guess.

I will miss you forever. This emptiness can never be removed and I am quietly desperate in knowing how broken I feel without you. I was, I thought, quite aware of just how much you meant to me, how you have been my everything but oh how wrong I was. I can barely breath without you. Now I live to honor your perfect love as best I can, to try to make you proud from where ever you are watching and I pray to see you again someday soon in our afterlife. — Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10.5 by 15 inches
Open Edition Print
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