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A Bit About Ed and Norma by Eddie Flotte
A Bit About Ed and Norma by Eddie Flotte

A Bit About Ed and Norma

Ed and Norma, my grandparents were not unfamiliar or in any way resistant to ways of the metaphysical. Several chapters in their lives were lived in close proximity to the spells, magic and charms common to the ways of Gypsies and Witches. Their overflowing generosity, overt friendliness and sense of humor endeared them to a variety of folks far and wide. That included the bevy at Grassy Sound. George Kairos was the owner of the marina there. Ed and Norma rented his boats and gear to crab the waters of the Sound. My days spent there, with them were by far the happiest of my life. Norma referred to George as The Gypsy. Everywhere we went they had friends so it was no surprise when they were embraced by the inhabitants there. Beeler always came out to visit, waving from his waterside perch and pointing out which cricks were best populated with the blue claws we hunted. Returning to the dock with our bushel of crabs, Thelma, George and Beeler would greet us like old friends with soft drinks, maritime delicacies and stories. The universe had blessed me with a wonderfully interesting, adventurous and loving family. They took me everywhere and opened my way to countless opportunities. I was five, six and seven when we crabbed the waters at Grassy. Those days blended with countless other days on boats, meandering through many salty cricks and sharing the warm hospitality of an array of far flung friends. I have spent many adult years searching those back bays of South Jersey in an effort to bring focus to my clouded memories, all the while painting what I found. Everything about Grassy seemed familiar. The day George passed on, he filled in many of the missing pieces. We talked as the sun set. He did in fact remember me from those cherished days. He fondly remembered my father, my grandparents and my cousin Phoebe. As he put it, he never forgets a soul. "I always knew you'd be back," he said, "I was waiting for you." Shortly afterward his closed his eyes and let his spirit fly free.
— Eddie Flotte


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