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George Sets Off to Work by Eddie Flotte
George Sets Off to Work by Eddie Flotte

George Sets Off to Work

He asked if I believed in God, in miracles, in magic, in spirits, angels, fate? Finally he asked if I believed in myself. My answers were all varying degrees of a definite yes. So then, he added, "I guess anything is possible." Once again he spoke of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy with a look of shame, as though it were a private battle he had lost, something for which he had been personally responsible. He began to walk away, then turned and asked, "by the way, how is Phoebe? Is she still alive?" Before I could respond to that surprising question, he asked, "how about Jack?" "Phoebe says she's never seen him again," I answered. "Good," he replied with a smile, "she's better off, ...And the bird?" I told him that according to Phoebe, the bird is still alive. He laughed. "That figures," he said. "The real magic, will be when the governor keeps his promise and sends my relief money," he turned and walked away.
— Eddie Flotte


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