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Beeler's Perch by Eddie Flotte
Beeler's Perch by Eddie Flotte

Beeler's Perch

The story of Beeler at Grassy started long long ago. Drawn to the Sound, feeling the portal, the thinness of the veil. He is described as being one with nature, ...one who speaks with birds. The man vanished years ago and no one honestly knows for certain what became of him. The rumors tell how he practiced his rituals of immortality on birds: seagulls and parakeets. Finally one night during a tremendous and violent storm he performed his most advanced magic on himself. Transformation! He flew off into the storm, over the water, his being in the embodiment of a great white egret. He comes back to perch. He watches over those who catch his interest. He sees between worlds. He returns here to his precious home and works with George to keep eyes on the entities of Grassy Sound
— Eddie Flotte


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