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Oyster Schooner by Eddie Flotte
Oyster Schooner by Eddie Flotte

Oyster Schooner

Finding this old schooner at this spot on the Maurice river, took me completely by surprise. I didn't know this kind of thing still existed around there but it does. Once I found it, I made my way back there every chance I got. The day I found this, I immediately started to work even though I was pressed for time. A gigantic pile of oyster shells standing about 20 feet tall was about 10 feet away. Biting gnats that had infested the shell pile swarmed me and relentlessly bit me by the millions in spite of the insect spray that covered my whole body. I was already in a hurry to get back up to Philadelphia but that was nothing compared to the speed generated in an effort to finish quickly by the biting critters. This spot was one of the most fantastic places I've ever found while searching for the old shore things I crave. In the days to come, the battle with the insects continued but nothing came close to what I had to deal with on this day. Surreal.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 by 15 inches
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