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Boat In Skullville by Eddie Flotte
Boat In Skullville by Eddie Flotte

Boat In Skullville

I always take the back way to the shore ... Mean route 5559 from May Landing to Somers Point. That is a great way to experience what it was once like going to the shore. You will find a lot of relic typ scenes and that is what I am always looking to find. This scene is in a town called Skullville, not far out side of Somers Point. I love to get up before the sun and the rest of my family and get a painting in before everyone gets up. Here I am sitting on the narrowest little sliver of bulkhead on the outer side of the rail on the skinnyest bridge imaginable . Cars are flying across it about a foot from my back. Still I remember it as a most peaceful morning. As peaceful as it looks in this painting.
— Eddie Flotte


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