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Up The Hill Beside The House by Eddie Flotte
Up The Hill Beside The House by Eddie Flotte

Up The Hill Beside The House

The only way I was able to stay over three months in Chadds Ford was through the incredible hospitality of my dear friend Jimmy O'brien. Actually I had gone down to visit him and he let me borrow his car, early the next morning, to go and try to get a painting from the road of Kuerner's. One thing led to another and I was given permission, from the Kuerners, to wander the farm and paint as long as I needed.... months if need be. I went back and explained all of this to Jimmy explaining that I'd have to stay at his place to be able to do it... I didn't mention the months part. As it turns out we had a great time together. He really had only been in that area a short time and moved away a few weeks after I left so it was very lucky for me to be given such an opportunity. I mention him now because this was by far his favorite and he kept insisting it was the best of the paintings I did there.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 x 11.5 inches
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