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Mr Kuerner Calls For Rain by Eddie Flotte
Mr Kuerner Calls For Rain by Eddie Flotte

Mr Kuerner Calls For Rain

This is my personal favorite portrait of Mr. Kuerner. The likeness to me is the best and it feels the most like Mr. Kuerner. He has several different Sunoco hats and I put whatever I felt seemed to fit in the wording ... This one says tractor specialist. Looking into the barn you see the windows of the milk room and one of the three cats in the doorway. On one of the barn doors there is a plaque that reads Ring Farm. That is the offical name of the farm. It is on Ring road ...named after Benjaman Ring, a Quaker farmer who's house served as Washington's headquarters during the Battle of Brandywine. The Battle field and house are just down at the end of Ring road. The orange caution cone in this painting is one of many that line the driveway. They cover iron stakes that are permanently in the ground. ...I guess, from a fence that is no longer there. I moved a cone one day to get around a tour bus that was parked in the drive, to find the stake hidden under it. Then I waited about a half hour for the tour bus to finish it's tour and go back to the museum for more interested visitors.
— Eddie Flotte


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