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Kuerner's Front Porch by Eddie Flotte
Kuerner's Front Porch by Eddie Flotte

Kuerner's Front Porch

The house on kuerner's farm was originally divided into two seperate homes. That is why there are two front doors. This I learned when I took the Brandywine Museum tour of the farm. The museum has preserved the house and are keeping it as it was for posterity. Many still life settings, once painted by Andrew Wyeth, have been recreated in and around the property. The planter hanging from the porch appears in many Wyeth paintings. During my time there I circled the property repeatedly in an attempt to show it all. Except for my time on the tour with the museum I did not get to go inside, so all of paintings are from places I could freely walk. When a tour would arrive, I could see or hear them coming so I would then pick up my things and disappear. I did not want to taint there experience by seeing another artist painting in what feels like Andrew's sanctuary.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 15.5 x 10 inches
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