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Karl Kuerner III by Eddie Flotte
Karl Kuerner III by Eddie Flotte

Karl Kuerner III

Karl Kuerner III, The son of the son, Karl is the third generation of Kuerners to operate Kuerner's Farm. He is also a great and well known artist/painter and teacher. During my time there, I was delighted everytime we got to visit. We would take turns showing each other what new things we were doing, talk about art, ours and in general. Everything he said was a lesson to me in painting, thinking, living etc. He is one of very, very few people who ever had the privilage to watch over Andrew Wyeth's shoulder and watch him paint. They were great friends with much in common especially painting. Karl grew up with Andrew as a regular fixture there on his farm either at work or just visiting. I snapped a photo of Karl during a visit to his house. In an effort to round out the story of Kuerner's farm, I later portayed him working as a painter on the farm, using the photo I had taken on his front porch.
— Eddie Flotte


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