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Valley Forge Victorian by Eddie Flotte
Valley Forge Victorian by Eddie Flotte

Valley Forge Victorian

I was staying in Audubon Pa. for a bit with my sister Betsy and her husband Donny. While there I happily discovered a cluster of very picturesque old houses, as I cut through Valley Forge National Park, along route 23. I returned daily to paint a series of them. I looked forward, each day, to eating my lunch in the woods that was part of the park there, filled with very confident deer who walked by slowly completely unmoved by my being there. I brought this home and showed it to Betsy and Donny, there were some leaves hanging freely. the painting was unfinished. No branches were painted in at the time. Donny said he liked how I put falling leaves floatin by. I thought that was a great idea so I played it into the painting.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10 X 14 inches
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