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Angkat 04 by Eddie Flotte
Angkat 04 by Eddie Flotte

Angkat 04

I spent seven months working on the illustrations for Angkat. After nearly eighteen years away from commercial art, the writer Jewell Reinhart Coburn persuaded me to give it a go. It contains 26 full color illustrations. It's published by Shen's Books and is available at Amazon.com.

To do the preliminary sketches I first made small wire dolls for each of the characters, dressed them in cloth costumes, then bent them into poses. Once the sketches were approved, I gathered live models from around my neighborhood, dressed them in makeshift costumes with paper mache' jewels an head-dresses. I photographed dressed models in the desired poses and from the desired points of view and in the desired light. From there I did the finished illustrations.

— Eddie Flotte


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