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Mrs Kitada by Eddie Flotte
Mrs Kitada by Eddie Flotte

Mrs Kitada

Dear Mrs Kitada. She ran her tiny and renouned family kau kau restaurant in Makawao until the day she passed away. That has gotten to be several years ago now. Their plate lunches were the most delicious things imaginable. ...smothered in gravy and mayonaise. Unbelievable! I focused on the restaurant many times in various paintings and twice did portraits of mrs. Kitada herself. I once went in the back while they were eating their pau hana lunch with my guitar and sang her a few Elvis songs. I remember her sitting there snapping her fingers and smiling a giant smile. After that, I could never pay for my lunch... I would have to wrestle somebody just to get something in the tip jar. and then they would have the last laugh and throw a candy bar at me as I went out the door. I loved all of them and everyone deeply misses them and their restaurant.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 15.5 x 10 inches
Giclee Limited Edition of limited edition prin
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