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Mrs Horiuchi by Eddie Flotte
Mrs Horiuchi by Eddie Flotte

Mrs Horiuchi

This watercolor painting depicts Mrs Sumiye Horiuchi in her market in Paia, Maui in the mid 1980's. It is a scene familiar to anyone who frequented the store in those days. Sumiye and her husband, Tadayuki, ran the Horiuchi Market from long long before I ever dreamed of moving to Maui. Their market was the very first painting I did when I got to the island. The Horiuchi's both came across the street together in their white aprons to see what I was doing ...he with his cleaver in hand.

The Horiuchi's were a friend to everyone in Paia, always quick with a genuine greeting and wide smile. I did a few paintings of their market and two of Mrs Horiuchi. With the arrival of the Costco-type stores, it became nearly impossible for any of the small, family-owned markets to stay alive. Now the building still has its old signs in the windows and doorways and is home to a surf apparel boutique.

Sadly, Mrs Horiuchi passed away in 2012 and is buried next to the ocean by the Buddhist temple. Mr Horiuchi still lives in Paia, in Kuau Bayview. He turned 91 years old on July 4, 2013.

— Eddie Flotte


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