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Kuerner's Hilltop by Eddie Flotte
Kuerner's Hilltop by Eddie Flotte

Kuerner's Hilltop

In 1994, on my first trip to Chadds Ford Pa. and Kuerner's farm, I was very very blessed to have met the Kuerner family. They allowed me onto there famous farm to paint for a few hours. Karl Kuerner III is my age. He is a well known painter and teacher. He lives up on Kuerner's hill.... also made famous through the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. He invited me up to see his paintings and then out to the top of the hill. I sat down and did this as fast as I could possibly work. ...franticly fast. When I finished, I took it in to show him. His comment was ..."well, sloppy is in these days, so...." Now in 2012 I have spent much more time with him and we've shared a lot of work with each other... his comments are always similar to that one. I never feel too comfortable with compliments, I don't know how to take some of them. It's nice to be validated and appreciated ...yes but I always enjoy a funny crack just as much.
— Eddie Flotte


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